Flooding can cause Foundation Damage

Damage to the foundation of your home is one of the worst problems that you as a homeowner, could experience. Foundation damage can occur due to many factors, but it is oftentimes flooding that has left you in need of foundation repair Buffalo New York.

Flooding in Buffalo doesn’t occur as frequently as in other places, but it does exist. Remember the flood in 2014? This can quickly cause foundation problems that you didn’t even realize existed, and may still not even today. A professional foundation repairman can help determine if there is damage to the foundation in need of attention.

But don’t think that it is only a flood that can cause trouble. It rains often in Buffalo, and when winter strikes, the snow comes in abundance. This also causes problems with moisture, damaging the soil underneath your home. Heavy snow can cause foundation damage.

What are the signs of foundation damage? Most of the time they are easy to spot if you pay close attention. Yellow or brownish-colored circles on the ceiling are one of the signs of damage. You might also find cracks in the walls on the inside of your home, or on the brick on the outside.

When flooding and/or heavy rains affect the soil levels at your home, trouble begins almost immediately. it first affects the basement and any potential items that you have inside. It is amazing how quickly something can be devastated.

Mold and mildew are two additional problems that come along with damage to the foundation. Both can cause health problems, as well as breathing problems, not to mention a gross smell and other dangers.

Don’t let foundation repairs go on without calling a pro and getting what you deserve. Don’t ruin your home because of moisture.